From EQAVET+ to VET21001

By Sandra Feliciano

On September 1, 2019, the ERASMUS+ project “A standardized toolkit to implement the European Quality Assurance Framework for Vocational Education and Training” has officially started. Originally branded “EQAVET+” at application phase, the project was rebranded at contractual phase before starting to “VET21001”, to avoid confusion with the new set of EQAVET criteria with the same name that is currently being prepared and will be launched soon by the EQAVET group. This was a kind request received from DG Employment, Unit 3, which team has been gracing us with a special interest in our project and already expressed a keen interest in collaborating closely with us to assure we produce the most adequate, effective and efficient outputs.

VET21001 is a project that will build, in a more planned and systematic way, the latest efforts to bridge different approaches to quality in vocational education and training, such as the EQAVET Recommendation published by the European Commission and ISO 21001 published by the International Organization for standardization. Recent evidences of these efforts are the ongoing discussions between representatives of both the EQAVET Group and ISO/PC 288/WG 1, such as the presentation of ISO 21001 at the last Annual EQAVET meeting, which was held in June 2019 in Bucharest, Romania (see gallery).