Improving VET Through Standards

The Project

Our Mission and Vision

The European Quality Assurance Framework for Vocational Education and Training (EQAVET) was developed and published as a European Parliament and Council Recommendation over a decade ago and evidence shows that Member States have made progress in the implementation of the EQAVET Recommendation to varying degrees. Reasons for this seem to rely in several interrelated causes, one of which being its nature of high level guidelines and the toolbox approach, from which organizations can choose what to implement. As ISO 21001 comprehends all EQAVET indicative descriptors at VET provider level and provides more detailed requirements specifically targeted to improve educational organizations (including VET providers)’ processes, it could be used to further guide and improve the quality assurance at VET provider level.

Our mission is to contribute to a self-sustainable market dynamics, conducive to a widen adoption of the EQAVET criteria Our vision is to contribute to the continuous improvement of European VET and HVET services and its worldwide recognition as a brand of excellence